Christmas Might Come Early–VP Edition

(Photo of Sen. Joe Biden [D-Del.] shaking hands with Sen. Chuck Hagel [R-Neb.] wearing a Biden mask and Biden for Prez T-shirt on Halloween in the Senate).

All signs in Camp Obama point tomorrow to the announcement of Joe Biden as VP. Rumors are also swirling that (please God yes) McCain is going to pick Romney.

The advantage (among many others) of Biden is that this stupid far right lame meme of Nobama can be turned into “Jo’-bama”.

JOBAMA in ’08 Sucka, Recognize!!!

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  1. I think I enjoy your snark as much as I do you impeccable political parsing and analysis.

  2. that’s the highest compliment i can receive. thnx.

    tomorrow’s the day.

    peace bro.

  3. it’s OBIDEN, foo! 🙂

    btw, here’s my take on the savviness of the VP gimmick –


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