Hill’s Convention Speech

Hats off to Hilldog. She brought her A Game tonight. (Text of her remarks here).

I’ve thought for a long time that what cost her the VP slot ultimately was Bill and think that’s sad he let his ego ruin her chances. That and Hillary’s predilection for yes-persons only loyal to her who simultaneously are afraid to tell her hard truths leading to group think. I’m not saying she would have been Darth Cheney Evil but that route has been tried recently from Blair House and it’s been not so good.

Electorally they would have been unstoppable and would have won a LBJ-like 1964-esque landslide. Off the top of my head I would say the two of them together, they would have won 38-40 states. It would have been a fantastic story and if only she didn’t have the baggage of Bill and her circle of cronies it could have happened.

I never liked disagreed massively with her reflexive hawkishness abroad and her command and control economic schemes at home, but she would have been (as she showed tonight) a fantastic campaigner/attack woman as well as a wheeler and dealer vis a vis The Congress (which she could still be in reverse to the White House), and a strong advocate for positions on health care, environment, justice issues. [Without her necessarily having to be in charge of the manner in which those policies were enacted which from my angle would have been the best of both worlds].

Update I: (Morning After)  Per Crowley’s comment that Clinton did not specifically point to any aspects of Obama’s character/readiness for the office, I think the reason for that is simple: she doesn’t believe he is ready. Never has, never will I assume.  She believes in the Democratic Party and its ideals as she said last night and she is voting for Obama based his adherence to those same values (not his personal attributes) and given what occurred in the primaries–and that she’s a Clinton–that is all (and more) that could have reasonably been asked for from her.  She is perfectly set up to be the nominee in 2012 if Obama loses without having been seen to do anything other than support him/make clear to her voters they must support him.

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