Podcast: McCain Foreign Policy (Audio Content)

Listen to the Podcast Here: McCain Foreign Policy

The text of McCain’s speech today to Veteran’s is here.
Text of Obama’s speech in Berlin.

Addendum: It’s even worse than I what said on the “a” versus “the” world comment. Obama came to the notion of a/the world united by quoting the MAYOR OF BERLIN DURING THE AIRLIFT: “People of the World now do you duty.” Geez, McCain is awful.


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  1. Nobody likes Mcain! Atleast not if you ask… the rest of the WORLD!

    Done some reading and it appears that BBC recently did a survey in 22 countries, asking people who they belive would improve Americas relation with the rest of the world. Well to summon up …

    46 percent voted for Obama and

    20 percent for Mcain and

    34 percent said they where not shure!

    AH… In Canada which after all is the neighbouring country 69 percent voted for Obama, Italy 64%, France 62% and Germany 61%…

    ONLY in USA… in a new survey it reveals that Obama gets 47 percent of the votes and Mcain 46! How in the world is it that the rest of the planet, people like Obama vastly more than Mr Mcain … while only in The US, it appears to be equal?

    No matter the reason, I believe the rest of the planet also should get their say in this election… (or at least the 100 countries America has put under their military control !!) Anybody more affected by an election should be able to vote… otherwise it cant under any circumstances be called a democratic system. We live in a global world where no nation stands excluded from neighbours around. Obviously its hard to have a global election for the president-post in every country, but think about it… don’t you believe a great deal of people in Iraq are more affected by this election than a whole lot of people in the USA… ? I do! If the US e´wants all this global military/financial responsibility, they can atleast hear what the world has to say… jao!

    But hey … anywho anyways anywhat, that just me right!?

  2. Bob,

    Thanks for the note. I had seen the world poll done. Sarkozy (a Conservative) went as close to endorsing Obama as he possibly could during Obama’s visit.

    While I get where you’re coming from on the world election–and I don’t think you’re alone by a long shot–I don’t agree.

    The felt understanding of a nation-state is under threat from a number of angles and diluting it further I think is the wrong way to go. Also as an American, something like 50% of the eligible voting population doesn’t vote, so if we added more people it would only in my mind further erode the sense of responsibility that the people should have as the bearers of sovereignty and that the government exists to protect their rights and serve the people.

    Otherwise, less Americans would vote because their vote would mean less and would be less responsive to their concerns.

    peace. cj

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