Quote for the Day: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Read the whole post, very wise:

I’ve talked about this before, but there’s something deeply emasculating, weak, and cowardly in this notion that if white people don’t recognize, black people are done for. I have my doubts about whether that’s true, but more importantly, it’s a stupid message to pass on to a generation of black kids. I have no idea, given the history of this country, how anyone could tell their children that their live hinge on white beneficence.

I make no brief for separatism–quite the opposite; any considered study of humanity reveals all people to be single-mindedly self-interested. The only way to enroll whites into any sort of “Black Agenda” is to appeal to a mutual self-interest. In other words, A “Black Agenda” has to be flush with an “American Agenda.” The whole point of Barack is that that’s exactly what’s possible. You don’t have to black to think that the War on Drugs is a bad use of tax dollars. You don’t have to be black to see that, in order to compete, America needs as many educated citizens as possible.

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