Pre-Obama Dem Convention Thread

5:00 [PST]: Somebody next time don’t have Sheryl Crow sing a song about “Get outta of Our Head and Into Our Heart.” What’s the tag line on that one: “Vote Democrat–We’re Nice but Soooooo Dumb!!”

5:48 [PST}: Al Gore is talking smack! With his ho-ho laugh. Quite cute in a sorta weird way. He just said that McCain is all of Bush’s policies and he says, “I’m all for recycling, but that’s just stupid.” Now he’s in full on eco-apocalyptic mood. Solid!

6:03: Michael McDonald now, know my opinion on that, so I’m yamo gonna youtube it now, with Impressionist Week on David Letterman.

The premo section is about 4:00 in (although the early O’Toole impersonation is quite good as well):

Or this classic:

6:15 Susan Eisenhower. As a quasi-Obamacon, I like this. She’s not a particularly great speaker, but I’m a nerd who actually really dug Jim Leach’s talk the other night.

6:16 Wes Clark in the house. Thank God they gotta over their little tiff. Readers will know I supported Clark in ’04. So that’s good. I wish he would have got a larger speaking role, especially last night (Nat’l Security night).

6:18 What a sec–Was that dude’s name Lloyd Fig-Newton?

6:41. I gotta ruling on Fig Newton. I did hear rightly. Gen. Lloyd “Fig” Newton. Here is the General’s bio. Dude was in the Thunderbirds. I guess you can get away with being called Fig Newton and not have your manhood questioned when you (from the bio) flew 269 combat missions from Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam, including 79 missions over North Vietnam.”

For the kids at home, not these Thunderbirds:

These ones:

6:45 They are now blaring Born in the USA. Interesting choice, given it was co-opted by Reagan but also the lyrics are more blue collar Dem. But we just heard, “sent off to Vietnam to go and kill the yellow man.” Given McCain’s history with the VietCong this is strange on multiple levels.

Obama is going to be up very soon. Durbin is going to introduce him. The crowd seems to me fairly mellow, no real knock your socks off speeches yet.

7:03 They are playing the intro video. Nice voice over from one of my fav actors David Straithairn from Good Night and Good Luck (among many others).

7:09. Interesting question from Amy Sullivan at Time:

There are a lot of upsides to excitement and enthusiasm. But we’ll find out if the convention’s two conflicting messages–the country is going down the tubes! the country has never had such hope and possibility and thirst for progress!–are less effective than the “be afraid, be very afraid.”

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