Quote of the Day: Steve Benen

At his new digs at the WashingtonMonthly commenting on this appalling statement by McCain’s health care adviser stating that the US should be considered to already have universal coverage because everyone can go to the ER (my emphasis):

Second, under this McCain/Bush/DeLay model, sick people with no insurance go to the E.R. for care. They can’t pay the bills, and hospitals can’t treat sick patients for free, so the costs are passed on to everyone else.

In other words, the man responsible for crafting McCain’s healthcare policy effectively described the most inefficient system of socialized medicine ever devised.

This is why right wing socialism sucks eggs. I mean at least left-wing socialists know how to do socialism. If you are going to go socialist, at least do it correctly.

[I’m not advocating socialism, btw, just that socialism is pretty bad on its own terms already. The right supposedly hates socialism but when it ends up supporting it doesn’t do it well because that would undercut their argument against socialism. But they don’t abandon the socialism part, they just, as Benen says, do a horrible job at it. Hence the worst of both worlds.]

Update I:  Here’s Kevin Drum, the former chair of the WashingtonMonthly blogger post (now at Mother Jones) on the same quotation:

This is, obviously, idiotic — though in an almost charming, movement conservative Tourette’s sort of way — but one wonders who Goodman thinks is going to be the payer of last resort for non-emergency care? Santa Claus?

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