Time Interview with McCain

Is a thing to behold. It’s more cringe-inducing through the screen than the original episodes of The Office (original British version).

It’s not just that the quasi-moderate McCain of 2003 has been totally morphed into hard line right McCain of ’07/08, but the freewheeling Straight Talker has become the Bug Up His Backside crotchety dude he is now, robotically relaying the talking points given to him by the handlers.

And then this answer defending his Iraq War position:

I can only imagine what Saddam Hussein would be doing with the wealth he would acquire with oil at $110 and $120 a barrel.

Newsflash to the Senator: One of the biggest if not the single biggest reasons oil is at $110/$120 barrel is uh because of the INVASION OF IRAQ. Now not all of it is due to that of course (supply outstripping demand) but clearly it’s a good chunk of it. This economist argues the War alone has tripled the cost of oil.

It is just a reminder of how god-awful a candidate he is and how frightening a possible president he would be.

To be fair to McCain for a second, some of Time’s questions are beyond asinine, some very uncool–like the last one about his sons in battle. Props to McCain for not answering that one.

But given the Straight Talk Express has become the Straight Talking Point Express, his ludicrously over-serious “I put my country first” line, etc. he deserves some dumb questions.

Breaking: I got some behind the scenes footage of the McCain campaign:

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