Skypecast: Obamanomics (Audio Content)

Click here for Skypecast: Obamanomics

Highlights of this episode include: discussion of Obama’s economic policy, announcement of an engagement by one of us, and predictions about the Republican VP Nominee.

Relevant Links:

David Leonardt piece in NyTimes. Central article we discuss. Highly recommended.

Audio of Gov. Sarah Palin and Transcript of Relevant Section in an interview that will likely break through the news cycle next week perhaps.

Addendum I: I should have mentioned that another enormous reason for the Bush recession/budgetary deficit was a certain very expensive war in the Middle East.

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  1. […] Speaking of the earlier skypecast, we do cover some of the same/related themes as in our early discussion of Obamanomics. […]

  2. […] Chris and I tackle the Obama campaign’s approach to economics. Chris provides an excellent historical overview of economic trends in the US as context for Obama’s approach. The conversation is a bit long, but it was an exremely involved topic with lots to cover. […]

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