Skypecast: Obama’s Speech (Audio Content)

[Photo of Invesco Field prior to Obama’s Acceptance Speech via Flickr user ohad courtesy Creative Commons License.]

To listen to the Skypecast, Click HereObamaSpeech

I apologize for the sound quality on my end. Don’t know what happened with that.  We recorded this one right after recording the other one which sounded very good????

Speaking of the earlier skypecast, we do cover some of the same/related themes as in our early discussion of Obamanomics.

Music intro and outro “Gold” by Eyeamu used with permission [Scott’s brother’s band].

Relevant Links:

The Speech (Text and Video)
John Judis post
My live Obama speech thread post (and our initial commentary)

Addendum I:  I have as of this evening (we recorded this afternoon) shaved off the handle bar mustache.  [You have to listen to get the front end of that joke].


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  1. Ah jeez! I really liked the stach!

  2. I think u mean stache. Stach is something else entirely (see I had to look it up.


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