Your Alan Keyes Quote of the Day

Because you know you love it. Courtesy Lawyers, Guns, and Money, I see Bro. Alan has filed for an independent run for the President. Even the crazy ass Constitution Party didn’t want him.

This I found under The War on Terror tab of his Issues Page:

“What do you do about the war on terror” is like asking, “Do you want to die.”

And that’s the skinny for today.

Update I: Keyes tries to make a half point which is obviously there are terrorists and obviously they have to be dealt with. But of course he then advocates a “bomb first ask questions later” policy which undercuts the half-rationality he exhibited three sentences prior.  AK:

I would rather make a tough decision, based on the information we’ve got — and do what’s necessary to prevent weapons of mass destruction that could kill 100,000 people — than to wait for the wisdom of hindsight to defend our people.

The wisdom of hindsight will leave hundreds of thousands of people dead. The wisdom of hindsight arrives too late to make the decision.

Breaking video of a Keyes for Prez at-home rally: [The classic line of Ace’s location which is where I feel I am now after having read the Keyes website is at 3:52]

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  1. Plus the wisdom of hindsight would probably force Keyes to learn to read…

  2. hindsight would force ol’ Alan to do a lot he isn’t doing now I imagine.

  3. […] readers will know one of my (many) strange side fascinations is small 3rd/4th/5th parties (e.g. here).  I actually knew about the Natural Law Party–long long story–but I hadn’t […]

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