Diddy Politics 101

Warning: F Bombs Dropped Like a WWII B-2 Raid. You’ve been warned.

This is something to say the least. You know it’s very bad for the McCain camp when Diddy starts making some half-sense taking them down.

I think “Sirack Obama” is in fact correct in his assessment of said campaign as “Bugging the FLIP out”. Points also on the she is unqualified track. I also like how (Guvment Name) Sean Combs got the Democratic Talking Points surrounding how to attack Johnny Mac–with the positive reference to him as a war hero. And the fairly proper way of handling the delicate manner of his health and concern over an unknown VP.

He’s on less cogent ground, when he goes on the Michelle Obama for VP/there’s no darker hued folk in Alaska/the reason not to vote for this guy is the “non-diverse” nature of his crew rift.

And as a factual point, there might not be any crack heads in Alaska, but there sure as hell gotta be some meth ones.

We have entered a new age when I’m watching political commentary Diddy Blog #16. Technically it’s a Vlog but whatever. The McCain Camp might think of hiring him–he’s better at getting his message out than most of the McCain surrogates I’ve seen the last couple of days on the news.

For those keeping track at home, that’s now Paris and Diddy (in some ways) intelligently critiquing McCain. Maybe what we need in fact is a Celebrity no?

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