Nixonland Comes Haunting

Since tonight’s Republican convention looked straight outta Perlstein’s book, I found this quotation from Nixon’s ’68 Convention Address quite timely: (substitute Eisenhower for Clinton and you might have something)

Look at our problems abroad. Do you realize that we face the stark truth that we are worse off in every area of the world tonight than we were when President Eisenhower left office eight years ago. That’s the record. And there is only one answer to such a record of failure and that is a complete housecleaning of those responsible for the failures of that record. The answer is a complete re-appraisal of America’s policies in every section of the world.

Then again Nixon was an appeaser–hell even he quoted Barack Obama:

Because this will be a period of negotiation, we shall restore the strength of America so that we shall always negotiate from strength and never from weakness.

In other words, Obama looks like the pragmatist proclaiming he will bring an honorable end to a misguided foolish idealistic gung-ho war. The Republicans of the Bushite years looks as reckless as LBJ. We may be headed to (and need) a new era of detente.


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