palin speech thread

[7:30] The place is ready to lift off into the stratosphere.

[7:33] Why does she keep calling him John S. McCain? She did that at the initial speech too? Waddup with that?

[7:35] Question the Gov.: Define victory in Iraq? The victory you just said was in sight?

[7:38] Strong line about special needs parents having an advocate in the White House.

[7:42] She is adorable. The difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? “Lipstick”. Never heard that from a VP candidate. Or anyone for that matter.

[7:43] And it is on. She’s calling out Obama’s community organizer/street cred. Oh yeah, the Obama is elitist stuff will never die.

[7:44] To quote Mike Murphy:

You know, because I come out of the blue swing state governor world: Engler, Whitman, Tommy Thompson, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush. I mean, these guys — this is how you win a Texas race, just run it up. And it’s not gonna work.

[7:47] She definitely was a pitch-forker. Echoes of Buchanan’s 1992 Speech.

[7:50] Bridge to Nowhere Lie back in effect.

[7:55] Isn’t this party that is for huge tax cuts for the rich?

[7:56] Nice trashing of the US Constitution Gov. Getting huge applause–torture is fantastic. You might remember Gov. that it was your party that started a war in Iraq and let bin Laden go. And it wasn’t his party that made torture the policy the US. That isn’t a joke.

[8:00] On the what will be on the burner soon front.…the emails she tried to keep hidden in the case of Trooper are out.

[8:01] The arrogance and venom is impressive to watch. I hope America is watching this. This will be ’92 all over again. This will drive the center to Obama’s open hands.

[8:03] They have literally no plans. These guys would like you to forget that they just ran the gov’t into the fin’ toilet the last eight years. Where the f–k do they get off like they have nothing to prove and just belittle the other guy?

[8:05] Get ready the media frenzy is only about to get more frothy. More frenzier perhaps?

[8:06] I said if they put her in the attack dog mode, they would over-reach and pay for it. I think they have over-reached to put it mildly.

[8:07] All the think about is tearing the other dude down and bravery, heroism, etc. They have no idea what they do to govern. None.

[8:10] If they want a culture war. And if they want the election to be about Palin v. Obama. Be my guest. Enjoy being on the receiving end of a Democratic landslide/boot in the ass.

[8:13] The unserious/juvenile nature of the McCain camp keeps chuggin’ baby. That was not pretty. The lack of any self-reflection, any sense of serious problems–other than vague evil terrorists off in the distance who will destroy us–is pathetic. Did anyone mention the war in Afghanistan? Once?

[8:27] I’m not sure showing off Palin as a hactastic Republican operative was particularly intelligent. If that was supposed to win over moderate women swing voters…either the Camp McCain folk or myself are living on a different planet.  I think it’s them.

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