rep convention thread ii

[6:06}. Game on. Mittens is up. Yes. This is gonna be good.

He’s already botched up and he’s only about three lines in.

[6:08]. He just said that government spending has doubled (counting inflation) since 1980 and that was Liberal. Uh…..Reagan, Bush I, The Republican Controlled Congress from 1994-2006, George Bush II. Heard of these folks Mitt?

[6:10]. Who does he thinks McCain’s running against the British Labour Party of the 70s. WTF?

[6:11]. Oh…he just said the Liberals were The Party of Big Brother. Torture, Illegal Surveillance, Black Hole CIA sites, Rendition. Did I miss something? That was the Democrats that did those things?

[6:14] Oh yeah….JI-HAD TIME!!!

[6:15] Yes!!! McCain WILL DEFEAT EVIL. That’s a campaign promise you can believe in.

[6:16]. This is unreal. Taking some red meat shots at Michelle Obama.

[6:38]. Sorry had to step out for a few minutes to make dinner. I’m a little behind on Huckabee. My sense with him is his future in the party has nowhere to go but up. This year wasn’t his time but I can imagine a time in the future when it will be his time. In an age of the media, for better or worse, you have to be comfortable, whether in the folksy frat boy “charm” of Bush, or Obama’s iconic magnetism. Huckabee has it. Romney does not.

[6:42] What happened to Rudy? He’s on the Republican Convention List for tonight for this slot. Did I miss something?

[6:53] Now Rudy is out. After the speech that was the intro for Sarah? What gives? This’ll be a hoot.

[7:01]. Randomly C-Span has just picked up this post from a few hours ago. Welcome any readers via C-Span.

[7:03] Yeah the Hollywood celebrities don’t decide the election. When did their votes count more than mine?

[7:04]. While I kid Hizzoner, he’s actually stronger than usual coming out of the gates. He’s more comfortable than normal.

[7:07]. That’s icky. He can’t even say community organizer without cracking up laughing. This is the party of the regular folk remember not really rich people. I don’t want to see Rudy make that face ever again.

[7:09] He’s on a “anti-present” meme and the crowd is going berserk. He said he “Not when I was Mayor of New York” and I really thought for a sec we were going to have our first 9/11 reference. It’s coming no worry.

[7:12] Oh snap, Rudy is invoking Biden and Hillary. I gotta agree with that line, “Never thought you would hear Hillary get an applause at this convention.” Damn skippy.

[7:13] “Change is not a destination just as hope is not a strategy.” But apparently Victory is. Drinking game for the night is “Off-shore oil drilling.” They love this “Drill Baby Drill” thing.

[7:17] There is a giant shot of NYC behind him. 7:17, your first 9/11 reference.

[7:18] “If America lost Iraq, who won? al-Qaeda, bin Laden?” Welcome to Bizzaro World.

[7:22] Rudy is in the groove. He did get a good zinger there on Obama vis a vis Georgia/Russia.

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