rep convention open thread

[5:11 PST] I’m listening to a small business owner woman from Virginia discussing her and husband (Christy & Kip) and why they are voting for McCain. Hate to be a jerk but she is literally this character come to life:

She’s even got the braces.

It gets even freakier. Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock’s characters’ last name in Best in Show is Swan. These people are named Swanson. You can’t make this up.

[5:25]. Update Praise Google. We have video, Exhibit A [God forgive me]:

[5:37]. After an hour role out of various minorities (racial and gender) as speakers, they play “Everyday People.” Memo to the Schedulers: Pouring it on a little thick guys and gals aren’t we?

When I think The Republican Party, The Family Stone is usually the first or at worst third thing that comes into my mind. Behold childrens. Tell me you don’t see the similarities immediately:

[6pm] Michael Steele has got the crowd chanting, “Drill Baby Drill.” Noted without comment. He’s at least getting the crowd fired up. Though he’s got some nice sleazy shots in on “associations” of Obama and America not being damned. Generally I find him one of the best speakers the Republicans have, one of their smarter pols, but that was not his best work.

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