Skypecast: Palin-mania (Link Only)

Scott and I recorded another Skypecast yesterday on the coverage of Gov. Sarah Palin.  The internet is out at my house (I’m coming to you from the public library downtown V’couver), so here is the link.  When I get the connection back at my house up, I’ll post the audio to the site as well.

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  1. I am a genius, ain’t I?
    Vote for me.

  2. “Senator,”

    Thanks for the note.

    I would however say that given your foreign policy framework is a complete clusterbomb and your economic/tax policy is a debacle of the highest order, and your pick of Palin showed a massive disregard for the smooth transition (God forbid it’s needed) power in the case you are elected in a world where you claim the existential threat is Islamic extremism, picking a person clearly unqualified to handle such a reality, then I’ll think I pass on voting for you. With all due respect sir.

    But I am quite honored you deigned to send me a note. Best of luck in the old Electoral College.


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