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It was bad enough that Ms. Palin’s performance in the first televised interviews she has done since she joined the Republican ticket was so visibly scripted and lacking in awareness. What made it so much worse is the strategy for which the Republicans have made Ms. Palin the frontwoman: win the White House not on ideas, but by denigrating experience, judgment and qualifications. The idea that Americans want leaders who have none of those things — who are so blindly certain of what Ms. Palin calls “the mission” that they won’t even pause for reflection — shows a contempt for voters and raises frightening questions about how Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin plan to run this country.

Especially that last point:  the governance one.  The fire on the Palin pick I think should continue to be aimed solely at McCain.  He made the choice.  It was, as they say, the first big move of his executive career.  What the pick says is that McCain didn’t give it much thought and choose based on political expediency. He doesn’t really think deeply at governing.  He wants to be a crisis president and if he gets the chance, undoubtedly, there will be crises galore.

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  1. At this point, you have become a conduit of Lefty talking points.

    Just to take the most absurd: you, empirically, have zero justification for assuming that McCain “didn’t give it much thought”. Nothing, nada. This is pure guesswork on your part.

    It could be your little version of things. (Which happens to coincide with who you are voting for, amazingly. Is that just coincidence?)

    Or it could be that, given the options and political realities, Palin was the option that provided the best upside on balance. Of course, that would mean things are more complicated than your mind can handle.

    I’m personally thrilled with the pick. And, as bonus points, seeing Lefty sites like yours go, literally, bonkers is no small pleasure.

    There is something to seeing machines short circuit that is just so hard to look away from.

    So, thanks for that.

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