Palin and Capitalism 3.0

In all the Palin-mania, I forgot to post that her ascension to national politics could hopefully bring more discussion of one of my favorite books/policy visions: Capitalism 3.0

Aka a Cap and Dividend System for dealing for carbon emissions.  The Cap is set, auctions are sold on the free market to set the value/number of permits for carbon emission, and then the funds from that venture do not go to the federal government but rather a trust that then disperses a check to every American worth an equal slice of the profits from the permit sales as a way to deal with the inevitable rise in the cost of gas, oil (cars, home heating, etc).

The plan behind Capitalism 3.0 is the Alaska Oil Trust which Palin as Governor of the State is instrumental in its functioning.  So perhaps discussion of this idea might filter through the noise.  But given the McCain Campaign/Republican Party is promoting her as a tax-cutting, small government con, don’t be on it.

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