VP Debate Final Thoughts

Mr. (T.) Coates writes:

9:49 I’m finding this really hard to gauge. She’s basically bullshitting her way through much of this. I think it all depends how effective the deception is.

Asking basically the same question I had.  I won’t pretend to judge how “regular Americans” will find this.  But she clearly had no substantial inner grasp of the policy workings (outside of Alaska).  Which I wasn’t expecting.  It just doesn’t come that fast unless you have been thinking about these issues in conjunction with say a Gubernatioral position.  [i.e. You know a Supreme Court case other than Roe, remember what newspapers you read, think torture when you think Dick Cheney’s mistakes and not hunting accidents, etc.]

But like I said, VP Debates really matter naught in the scheme of things.

Palin didn’t look as bad as the Katie Couric interviews.  She could as Coates said, bullshit her way through it.  With references to change is coming to Washington, get on the Reform Express (Choo choo!!!), cutting taxes, getting government off our backs.  She got demolished, unsurprisingly, on foreign policy.  No questions about Russia interestingly.  But whoever was on her side, will find what they want to be reassured.  Those who are unsure/undecided, I don’t know.  We’ll see.

Like others, I think Gwen Ifill did a pretty poor job.  The format didn’t help her.  And she asked some interesting questions you wouldn’t otherwise hear (like about the sub-prime).

Biden did fine imo.  He got better towards the end.  What maybe looked like boring-ness at the beginning compared to the Sugar Picky Routine of Palin by the end look like seriousness, thoughtfulness, critical engagement.

Nothing happens is that is going to fundamentally change the nature of the race.

The real issue is that the final McCain Negative Onslaught will commence soon.  This beast that is the Republican Attack Machine is not going to give up its ghost without vomiting forth (I fear) filthy dregs in its last gasps.

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