Presidential Debate II (Tweeting Edition)

I ended up twitter-blogging the debate.  You can check my thread at  I missed the first little bit.

My basic take is the format was God-awful.  Especially near the end.  Russia is the Evil Empire:  Discuss.  What if Iran bombed Israel?  Discuss.

What if a giant asteroid was coming down to pulverize earth–is Bruce Willis too old now to save us?

Update I: (Day After).  Thanks to Scott who pointed out the Twitter link wasn’t working.  Sorry about that.  I had it locked (I guess that was the default setting and I just wasn’t paying attention).  So the link is now good.

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  1. The answer is: no. Bruce Willis, like Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood, will never be too old to save us. And, despite his lovely baritone voice, Tom Brokaw has wee, beady, little eyes – like the Colonel. So I’ll stick to listening to him on MTP.

  2. He puts an addictive chemical through the screen that makes you crave watching him all day long. Oh you’ll watch my show.

    That is, before Brokaw, went tits up.

  3. Yo link seems not to be working.

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