Shameless Plug: Vote Canada Culture 11 Edition

I have an article up today at (the Conservative Answer to Slate–Query: What is the Question?).  The link is here.

Thanks go to James “The Godfather of Postmodern Conservatism” Poulos, the Mike to the PomoCon Mechanics (as it were), for asking me to do the piece.

Thanks also to Kate McMillian, Adam Daifallah, and Lore Weaver–Canadian conservative bloggers–who graciously responded to some questions I sent them for the piece.

Double happy happy joy joy is that the piece is paired with a piece by friend of the site (and skypecast partner) Scott Payne from Politics of Scrabble.  Scott’s piece at C11 is here.

Both of our pieces–on this day of Canadian Federal Elections–analyze whether the US conservatives can learn anything from their cousins to the North (Canadian Tories) particularly in what looks like the coming bloodletting that will be the November Elections and the end of the Reaganite coalition whose veins have been opened via the Bush administration.

For readers who’ve ended up at Indistinct Union from Culture11, welcome. Feel free to have a look around, drop me a line if you feel so moved (email on the right-hand bar).

For veteran readers wondering how I ended up with a piece for a conservative publication, heterdox conservative bloggers have always been the heaviest portion of my diet of internet political reading. I would fit in well with a Cameron British Toryism and its emphasis on local communitarian-ish impulses.

Like John Cole I’m something of a disillusioned ex-Republican. I didn’t really have a dog in the Bush-Gore race at the time, and I was willing to give George a shot (I admired his father), but unlike John, I got off the bus in the runup to the Iraq War. I knew it was all going to go downhill when he was pushing for tax cuts and another (unnecessary) war. Plus I never got the Clinton hatred/hysteria.

On the other hand, as we are, I believe, headed into a period of Democratic dominance, I’m a big believer in a strong (and sane) opposition party. My fear is the Republicans will double down around their own wing nutty base and become even more ideologically rigid following the coming electoral blowout.

Update I: Since I got a South Park reference in the piece (re: Canada), here’s a visual.

@ 2 min starts the brilliant Wizard of Oz takeoff. Best part starts at 3:35 (the one road in question is the Trans-Canada Highway). Part 1 here and Part 3 here.

Bonus one here:

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