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Update I:  (Morning After).  On the “kill him” reference.  This probe suggested it wasn’t saidHere is the Times Tribune piece arguing it did happen.  Here is Milbank claiming a separate occurrence of the same words.  I didn’t realize there were two different (possible) versions of this.  I only knew about the Milbank one.    (h/t to Andrew Sullivan for the links).  So even if the Fed probe of the Scranton event is correct (and it wasn’t said there), I haven’t seen any counter-evidence that it didn’t occur at the Florida fundraiser Milbank attended.


gonna try a combo tonight. see how it goes:

All Times PST

[6:06] McCain’s first answer was really muddled. Obama is on his shipping job overseas boilerplate, but he shifts to health care and environment.

[6:08] If you are wondering where an Ohio plumber is coming from (see here). Obama gets a litlte dig on how McCain is watching too many of his own commercials. I just don’t get this McCain tax attack line. Obama looks pretty calm.

[6:11] McCain is just really awful to watch. Sorry to say. oooh, he just dropped a class warfare. Jeez Louise, he’s back on the 2nd Highest Corporate Tax Rate BS. Does he not get Obama is going to cut taxes on more people than him?

[6:14] With taxes down, Earmarks are coming. Oops, looks like he took at left at energy independence. Although I’m definitely with Johnny Mac on ending the Brazilian ethanol import block. oh yeah, there are earmarks. Yes, bonus shot at the Chicago Planetarium. I just don’t get this. McCain did this in the previous two debates. He gets the automatic earmarks count for 18 billion out of a possible 1 trillion debt.

[6:21] McCain just had a decent shot there on you should have run 4 years ago. I guess. He’s finally looking stronger. He will “balance our budgets”. Good luck with that.

[6:23] It’s really annoying when McCain interrupts Obama. Not very respectful. Obama just got a good shot on McCain quoting “Fox News”. Obama gets McCain more on economics per se than Bush in general.

[6:26]. Oh hello. Interesting question by Schieffer on whether they would say s–t to their faces. And McCain’s excuse that his VP is saying he palled around with terrorists is Obama’s fault because he didn’t go to the townhalls. And now John Lewis–McCain is the real victim. Ugh. This is pathetic. If he thinks this is going over with the moderates, he is outta his f’in mind.

[6:29]. ooh schnap. subtle dig at McCain’s narcissism and touchy feelings. This is smart. He says it doesn’t matter if I get hurt, it’s about la gente. McCain’s answer was all about how his hurt feelings. And gets McCain on his campaign’s crazy (though truthful) admission that if the discussion is economics, they are toast.

[6:31] whoa. McCain is getting so angry. God he is being such a jerk. WTF is he talking about Obama slurring veterans? He’s said somebody (who DID) said “Kill him” (meaning Obama)**** (see note above) and “he’s a terrorist.”

[6:36]. WHAT??? He just said ACORN was about to perpetrate the biggest electoral fraud in history. WHAT?

[6:39] McCain goes on a tirade about ACORN, Ayers, and then says, “My campaign is about not raising taxes.” This is beyond parody.

[6:41] The idea that Biden is good VP because he comes from Scranton–I love the guy but seriously? But this is nothing compared to McCain’s answer on Palin. She’s a reformer and she knows about Autism…what? She says Russia from her house and the Moon from her porch too.

[6:49] This is dreadful. Yeah CANADA gets a nod. Everyone drink some Molsen. South Korea boo!!! F–k kim chee.

[6:52] How did this turn into a report on McCain’s summer trip (Colombia, Canada)?

[6:53] McCain is just firing in any directions. Obama is the New Hoover?!!?

[7:01] Joe Six Pack to Joe the Plumber. You can’t make this shit up.

[7:05] McCain called Obama “Sen. Government.”

[7:10] Obviously McCain would appoint a anti-Roe person and Obama of course would put someone on who would.

[7:11] He just referred to the Leadbetter case as a trial lawyer dream. Not helpful. wow. McCain is bringing up the bogus present votes and the Live Birth BS.

[7:15] Caring about the health of the mother (legitimately) is the extreme pro-abortion position?

[7:17] Last question on education where they both are so boilerplate and put me to sleep. This has been totally abysmal. Though I actually have to say Schieffer was by far the best debate moderator. [Not that big of an accomplishment given the other ones].

[7:22] I think McCain did better (at certain points) on policy. But his contempt is so negative. It hurts him so much. People see that whatever else they hear. So I guess I have to give it to Obama in a sense–it doesn’t hurt him (or not enough to matter).

[7:28] But Obama is the one who is comfortable in his skin. He is not afraid of McCain. McCain is psyched out by Obama.  In Marshall McLuhan’s medium is the message, the medium of television as he would say is a cool medium (versus radio is hot).  Cool=Obama, WAY TOO HOT=McCain.

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  1. There there was no “kill him”.

    Ready to run with anything anti-McCain, and insistent on ignoring everything anti-Obama, or at best twisting it beyond parody — that is the state of your “analysis”.

  2. Mr Dierkes is up to his old tricks again eh?

    Is he your arch nemesis or something?

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