Chakras and Proposition 8

The Plank informs me that Proposition 8 (the anti-gay marriage ballot initiative in California) is the 2nd most funded political campaign (other than the Presidency) in this election cycle.  Think about that–approximately 60 million for both sides by the last count according to the post.

I sometimes have moment’s of wondering why sex is always such a big deal in political discourse, particularly among churches–which are prominent in both sides of this debate.  But then I recall a very ancient wisdom on exactly this point.  According to the traditional Charka conception (pictured above) the 2nd chakra which is the sexual/elan vital chakra is located right next to the 3rd chakra (hara/gut) which is the seat of power.   Sex is always closely aligned energetically with power.  In a way say poverty isn’t which is why you can’t really get as many people fired up about that issue as sex–for people who aren’t desperately poor that is.

The no on Prop 8 side has had commercials showing gay marriage as a place of warmth and home (for both gay couples and hetero parents/friends), which is a Fourth/Heart Chakra defense, as well as talk of not supporting (it is argued) discrimation, which is a Fifth/Voice-Mind Chakra.  Giving gays and lesbians their voice (5th Chakra).

But they haven’t touched on number three, as I’ve argued before.  And I think this is a mistake.  I don’t know if it will be a fatal mistake–the vote appears to be very close–but I think it’s been a serious mistsake nonetheless.  Changing the social convention around chakra #2 inevitably affects #3.  It just does. Yes the No on Prop 8 folks can correctly via the letter of the law point out that schools are not required to teach about marriage.  But in practice it will come up in schools, in class.

The attempt to create fear is aimed directly at the gut (3rd chakra) which as we all know can and does override emotion (chakra 4) and/or reason (chakra 5).  I’ve argued that the No side has to speak directly to the gut and the fear.  The discrimination card played by the No on 8 side only would work if you first allow folks to feel that their fear while ultimately (according to this pov) not final is not altogether illegitimate either.  They could then be given the opportunity to feel more courageous for embracing a future (or current reality if you like) about which they may have some hesitations.

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