Live Thread I

6:16 [PST] Kay Hagan already called for North Carolina in the Senate.  Now Norm Coleman/Al Franken for the 59th seat.  And maybe Chambliss doesn’t get 50% and the 60th comes in a month.

6:22  No Georgia.  The farthest out spread is out of it.  We’ll see with ND and Montana.  Florida is going to be a nail-biter as I always thought.  He’s stronger I think in NC, VA, Colorado, and Ohio. McCain’s ability to win this thing is essentially gone at this point.  Always was in my mind.  But Obama losing Florida will put a damper on the night.  [Screw my prediction to boot].  But I think the counties that are in are McCain counties and he hasn’t pulled ahead.  Some Dem counties come in it could widen

6:24 I keep watching Indiana.  Lake County looks just to be coming in.  Obama is down 40,000 only and most of the other counties are in.  Expect 80,000 maybe 100,000 votes to come out of Gary.  Swamp the total and pull Indiana blue.  40 years after RFK.

6:27.  It’s over.  Obama has won Ohio.  IT IS OVER.

7:13 Talking with Scott.

7:28 T.D. Jakes is talking about how he remembers segregation and his grandfather who was killed by white supremacy and now he is saying a black man get elected president and what he will give his son.  Very moving.

7:35 Virginia is going Obama.  NC is going to be oh so close.  But Fairfax County is coming in for Obama like I’ve never seen.  Indiana could be within hundreds of votes.  Obama may come up just shy.  But we’ll see.  1/4 of Wade Country (w/ Gary IN) still to come.  They have to call VA in about the next 5-10 minutes.

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