Meditation on the Gut


I haven’t done one of these more meditative kinds of posts in a long LONG time. But tonight feels the night for the return of one,.

In my stomach there is a drive. When I am there there is an aliveness–an immediate sense of being awake and alert. Curious at least, radically interested other times. If I had to visualize it it would be a tighter form of the nautilus shell of the hermit crab pictured above. It wraps around itself and comes to a point.

In the pit of my pit, a lot of the pretense gets dropped. There’s no need to be anybody. There’s no need even to be a one, but a one does emerge. I know the alternate space. The space of the background of all of THE ALL. The I AM. I know that space dropping in the co-arising of what I call the fuzzies and the world of form. The sparkles that light up in everything. What the Tibetans calls The Ornamentation.

But for now I find myself more drawn to the belly,to the place of being interested and forward-looking, desiring to do something. The space of evolution wanting to become manifest. Not that from which Evolution arises. It’s not opposed to that but for it is different.

The place where life and the stomach, the nautilus in my gut are responsive to one another and interact. Words come from there–they are very few and sharply to the point. There are a few times in the past weeks when I have noticed (after the fact) that that voice has spoken, has irrupted through my normal crap state of being.

An Answer (in that voice): A mountain, a cat, and a rain shower.

The Question: When pluralist religious thinkers describe different religions as different paths up the same mountain or even different mountains, they would be better to say they are not even mountains. Like a mountain, a cat, and a rain shower.

I’m not sure where this goes. Of the three centers–the head, the heart, and the gut–the gut has always been the hardest for me. I’m fundamentally uninterested in the interiors of my existence. They basically washed out with the tide years ago. But this practice, this place keeps me properly aligned within while focused outward. (as opposed to mindless within the space of Awakening as is too often the case for me–or at least has or maybe had been??)

Learning to befriend this space is a key change. This place is where I have had hid some many fears and traumas, aeons worth of suffering sometimes it feels. Elements of the fear and the pain still reside there but imperceptibly they are beginning to subside.

It’s a space where the thinking mind recedes, but when is needed speaks before thinking about the thinking of the thought. Clarity ensues, confidence articulates itself. Quiet strength naturally emerges.

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