meta on meta calculus: quick first reax

As a quick first blush reaction to the process of writing in this new format of integral calculus (need better term for it….hmmm), a couple of points.

1. It helps if I write them straight through in one sitting with little to no breaks.  The second post I think suffered a bit from a number of delays that came upon me in writing it, forcing me to compose over a few days.  There is a kind of zone that I felt take over when I began that I don’t (at least yet) automatically fall back into upon taking back up the keyboard.

2. I should have thought of this, but didn’t, but the biggest learning so far has been that the process is itself is unending (just like the arising of the Kosmos it is supposed to be pointing to).  That is, whatever the length of any post I take as soon as I step in the stream at one point (the stop operator Wilber calls it, signified by the / symbol) and work on some perspective/dimension then that immediately puts me in touch with all kinds of other perspectives and dimensions.  (Other holons in Wilber’s language).

3. Which means the writing begins and ends whenever I choose–both times.  Beginning / and Ending /.  The stream is purely cascading as Wilber says and I’ve more and more began to experience that arising in my own consciousness as I write in this manner.  Elliot Bejamin, whose domain is Integral Mathematics, once told me that he would wake up and do a math problem as a means of meditation.  He found deep symmetry, beauty, and aestheticism to the process. That’s something what the experience of doing these posts is for me.

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  1. I vibe with what you’re saying about getting into the zone; I feel that way when a piece really starts rolling out.

    Where our writing styles differ I think is that when I sit down to write a big post, I generally have a structure in my head that the post will follow, which allows me to fall right into the writing zone.

    What helps me get into the zone is to write down all the cross-disciplinary details that I want to bring together; usually this happens organically as the result of an extended wiki-dive (my post on climate change and chemical reactivity is actually exactly this). Yes, I take notes on Wikipedia.

  2. E-R,

    That’s cool. I never thought of Wiki-noting. Quite interesting actually. All the best, keeping up our distinct flow patterns.

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