All 3

Dzogchen brings me into this one.

Adi Da makes me recognize this one.

Poonja alerts me to the fact of this one.

Three in one. One in Three.

Father, Son, and Spirit (Godhead)

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva (Brahman)

Keter, Hochmah, Binah (Ayn Sof)

Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, Nirmanakaya (Svahbvikakaya)

Absolute, Relative, and Middle Path (Tien T’ai, Truth)

Will, Love/Wisdom, Energy

Relatively speaking I must learn to concentrate. To sit and wait for the presence of God. To actualize more strongly my subtle and causal bodies. Causal by Centering Prayer, Subtle by Tonglen-Petitionary Prayer.

By in moments such as these, none of that is of necessity.

The back of my mind is a sheet of consciousness, a wall of awareness looking out onto this world freely. It arises, a body known as CJ arises. Just so…Beatles (i.e. Let it Be).

My eyes blink, my lungs rise and fall, a heart beats. There are no thoughts here. There is nothing–nothin…no-thing. No…………………..

Where have I gone? Where is there to go? I am lost in this Love, eviscerated by injustice and hatred. Why the kingdom of God? Why (eternally) now?

I die and rise as Christ in this moment, in this moment and this moment. Like all, like everything. Before the foundation of the world (i.e. this moment) he-we-I is the Lamb Slain. The great involutionary sacrifice. Only to rise as this glorification of The Face. This doxa. This Shekinah. This radiance.

Come with me, Come and see, here that is nowhere, with me who is no one.

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