Announcing New Integral Blog: Beams and Struts

I’m as of now placing all of my integral writing on the new group site Beams and Struts:  An Integral Inquiry Into The Post-Postmodern Age.

It is a joint venture between (as of now) 7 of us applying integral insights to different domains of human experience and enterprise.  The site consists of essays as well as our blog.  I’m the religion editor of the blog.

We are still in the early phases of this project, but I’m very excited by its potential to add depth and breadth to the integral worldview.

Check us out:

Comments are appreciated, but please leave them at the Beams and Struts site and not here as I won’t be updating this site any longer.

For Facebookers, we have a fan page (Beams and Struts).   That’s a great venue for interaction.

Also check out what we call our Deep Twitter feed:

PS Both Scott Payne (the politics editor at Beams and Struts) and I continue to write at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

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Less is More: The League and Blogging

Sorry for the lack of posting around here of late.  I promise to get back to it when I get some more time.  This week and next are really nutso, so no guarantees.  Moreover, I’m spending what precious little blogging time I have available now over at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.  I’m so enjoying the time spent on that project and we are starting quickly to get some intelligent (imo) readers and comments, threads, and the like.  Also I have noticed far less work and less stress around it given that it is a group not simply using a set blog to all be individual bloggers but actually work with each other, off each other’s thoughts.  It’s very heartening for me.

Also, some of you may have seen but Culture11 sadly died a too early death this week, so my blogging over at Credo has ceased.  The site is still up and you check the archives but there will be no more new posting there.

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Day 1 Ordinary Gentlemen

It’s the first full day of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.  We’ve got some nice shout outs from various bloggers (particularly homeys over at Culture11) and the place is hopping over there.  We’ve hit the ground running pretty well full steam, which I dig.  Check it out.

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A Death-Rebirth Dream

I don’t normally do this–share details about personal experience, particularly of a spiritual nature–but last night I had a very powerful experience through the medium of my dream.  I have been struggling for a few weeks now sleeping regularly.  Bouts of insomnia, stress, disturbing sometimes graphic and horrifying nightmares.  This is very odd for me–normally I hit the pillow lights out and I sleep like a baby.

Over the weeks I have been increasingly praying the prayer from The Book of Common Prayer’s Compline service (the final prayers of the evening) which petition the Lord to send the angels to guard this house from the “terrors of the night.”

Last night I had a dream that I was killed.  I watched myself die.  Technically I was murdered (shot) but the imagery was not particularly violent or bloody.  More cartoon-y almost in a sense.  I was shot and then fell back into a cavernous swimming pool.  It was almost more like a lake within a cave (double womb/death imagery).  I watched myself fall endlessly through the crystal blue water.  At this point in the dream, my proximate self-sense was the Witness, the observer of my-self, (my distal self) which in this case was my idealized-emotional-subtle-dream self.  I watched that self plummet gracefully through the water and simply relaxed into the process of watching myself die.

At some point in this process, I became lucid (aware of being one was dreaming).  I then re-entered the perspective of my now dead subtle-dream self and immediately re-awoke and was jolted up through the water (rebirth-resurrection theme).  I maintained both the awareness of being in a dream while simultaneously taking up the position of the subtle-self.  i.e. I made choices, felt the expression of my emotional-subtle self.

Upon waking from that dream, I could feel a definite release of bodily and emotional contractions, especially in my chest.  I really have no idea what was going on through this process–nor now with some (partial?) resolution.

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Snow Theme (ii)


Before and now After:


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Running Snow Xmas Theme (1)


Today Dec. 24th approximately noon.

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New Look or Old?

Do folks like the new look or old?  I’m thinking of experimenting, but I’m a bit ambivalent–I like some aspects of this look but not a few others.   Leave opinions in comment thread please.

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Merry F’in Xmas Dude

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Da on Death as Life

From my favorite text of his called  Enlightenment of the Whole Body:

The real man or woman learns to live by becoming willing and able to die. Such a one is able to confront the difficult barriers and frustrations of this slightly evolved world and yet remain capable of ecstasy in every moment.

Therefore, the primary initiation that leads to human maturity is the confrontation with mortal fear. Only when the ultimate frustration that is death has been fully considered and felt and understood as a process can the individual live without self-protective and self-destructive fears. Only in intuitive freedom from the threat and fear of death is the individual capable of constant love of Life and also transcendence of the frustrating and self-binding effects of daily experience. Only in freedom from mortal recoil is the individual capable of ecstasy under all conditions.

Therefore, be alive, but learn Life by first dealing with your death. Become aware that you do not live, but that you are lived by Life. Become the devotee of Life by surrendering your illusion of independent life, which is the self, or body-mind, in ecstatic Communion with the Real. Become willing to die in any moment, and maintain no inward armor against it. Die in every moment by not holding on to your life. Give your life up to Life, and allow Life to transform and Translate the body-mind into Itself.

The Secret and the Realization of all of this is in the Teaching and the Way and the Company of the Spiritual Master. In that Way is the only positive Destiny of the individual and the world

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typealyzer for this blog

Scott highlights The Typealyzer which categorizes blogs according to types (a la Meyers-Briggs).  Here’s the result for Indistinct Union:

The long-range thinking and individualistic type. They are especially good at looking at almost anything and figuring out a way of improving it – often with a highly creative and imaginative touch. They are intellectually curious and daring, but might be pshysically hesitant to try new things.

The Scientists enjoy theoretical work that allows them to use their strong minds and bold creativity. Since they tend to be so abstract and theoretical in their communication they often have a problem communcating their visions to other people and need to learn patience and use conrete examples. Since they are extremly good at concentrating they often have no trouble working alone.

That seems about right.  Scott has some questions about his read out (i.e. results may vary).

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