Update on Anglicanism

Right on cue with my prediction that there are multiple communions in the Anglican world and they would start to align along value lines, comes this (via WashingtonTimes):

Fifty-one Anglican and Episcopal bishops announced plans yesterday to form a separate Anglican province in North America within 15 months, giving disaffected Episcopalians a chance to flee their increasingly liberal denomination…The bishops said they will meet in December to put together an office staff for a 39th province of the 77-million-member Anglican Communion…

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has refused to recognize CANA and similar breakaway Anglican groups as part of the Anglican Communion. However, yesterday’s document did not refer to Archbishop Williams. It did refer to some 20 “Global South” bishops, most from Africa, who in 2006 instructed the North Americans to start forming a “separate ecclesiastical structure.”

Now to be a little more fair, the piece (which apes the communiques of these groups, the WashingtonTimes being very much in favor of this group) gives a sense of unity to these break away folks that is not there.  The dirty secret there is that they will split and split and split amongst themselves.

But it is interesting to me that they are at least honest that they do not look to the Archbishop of Cantebury anymore, while he still thinks this Covenant idea will work.

It is a 5th Generational Ecclessial Insurgency.  They are “global church guerrillas” as it were.  Not to demean actual violence, guerrilla action, and innocent civilian casualties.  But they are fighting an existential fight.  They fight asymmetrically and are not bound by rules of “fair play.”  They use the internet and global communication to link horizontally and build networked connections, with quicker response mechanisms, better PR machine, and strong tribal ethos than traditional top-down bureaucratic model.   As John Robb says about global guerrillas, they hollow out the state.  They do not want to destroy the state and or take it over, but leave it wounded, unable to act, yet not destroyed either.

I see the exact same mechanism at work here.

Apropos of that a message to Archbishop Williams:  Rowan, don’t forget to turn out the lights when you leave.  You’ll be the last one with the veneer of any real power left.

Unless I suppose a future ABC (Sentamu? Nazier-Ali?) just goes ahead and joins with the Akinola crowd.  Not that he would have real power but would have some delegated, seeming power.

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