Da on Death as Life

From my favorite text of his called  Enlightenment of the Whole Body:

The real man or woman learns to live by becoming willing and able to die. Such a one is able to confront the difficult barriers and frustrations of this slightly evolved world and yet remain capable of ecstasy in every moment.

Therefore, the primary initiation that leads to human maturity is the confrontation with mortal fear. Only when the ultimate frustration that is death has been fully considered and felt and understood as a process can the individual live without self-protective and self-destructive fears. Only in intuitive freedom from the threat and fear of death is the individual capable of constant love of Life and also transcendence of the frustrating and self-binding effects of daily experience. Only in freedom from mortal recoil is the individual capable of ecstasy under all conditions.

Therefore, be alive, but learn Life by first dealing with your death. Become aware that you do not live, but that you are lived by Life. Become the devotee of Life by surrendering your illusion of independent life, which is the self, or body-mind, in ecstatic Communion with the Real. Become willing to die in any moment, and maintain no inward armor against it. Die in every moment by not holding on to your life. Give your life up to Life, and allow Life to transform and Translate the body-mind into Itself.

The Secret and the Realization of all of this is in the Teaching and the Way and the Company of the Spiritual Master. In that Way is the only positive Destiny of the individual and the world

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Adi Da RIP

Adi Da has died–in traditional Indian terms he has entered Mahasamadhi. The Great (Maha) Awakening (Samadhi). He was a man who loved humor–so there is a deep irony of an American ex-pat spiritual teacher dying on Thanksgiving. But my prayers to those who mourn his transformation.

Here is a description of the understanding practice he taught which has been very powerful as a conduit of grace and love in my life:

In the process of enquiry, which is real meditation, a man simply rests in understanding. In formal meditation he merely sits comfortably and free of the need to respond to activities in his environment. He already understands. He has already examined the nature of suffering, of dilemma and of action. Thus he sits and enjoys the fulness of understanding in his form at that moment.

Enquiry begins at the point where he becomes aware of the tendency of his conscious awareness. Depending upon the stresses of his life expression at that moment, his awareness will tend to move or become associated with attention to movement or tension, thought or feeling in some area or plane of the body. Thus, his awareness will be directed from the center of understanding in the head, analogous to the viewpoint of his eyes (which should remain closed) toward some area of his form, above or below…

The enquiry, which is the free activity of understanding, should thus be allowed to confront whatever area the mind tends to pursue. When this movement begins, he should enquire “Avoiding relationship?” He should not seek to remove the tendency itself. He should only enquire. If the tendency remains, he should only enquire. If he becomes disturbed that the tendency does not vanish, he should only enquire of that disturbance. Whatever arises, he should only enquire.

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