Michael Medved on the “Lie” of American Genocide

(Hat tip Daily Goose). Article here.

Medved is arguing against what he calls the PC narrative of European/white American genocide against Native American peoples.

Medved points to the brilliant work (imo) of Jared Diamond—Guns, Germs, and Steel. The second of those items, the Germs are a key element here. The largest number of indigenous peoples died from infectious diseases (e.g. smallpox, typhoid) which can not be blamed on the Europeans. And I here agree with Medved, the stories of “smallpox blankets”–i.e. a sort of historical biological warfare–are fraudulent accounts. I’ll get back to the Guns and the Steel part in a second.

The PC account derives from the Romantic tradition. Namely that the Americas, prior to contact with whites, was an Edenic paradise of bliss and peace, the natives living in perfect harmony with Mother Earth and one another. This myth is actually subtly (or not so subtly) quite racist in its conception, positing indigenous peoples as “noble savages”–to counter the equally immoral line then common of indigenous as just plain old savages. Either way savages and not humans. (more…)

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