Update on Reynaldo

Update to this post.

So I’ve had the trap out for two nights (the humane one–see the link).  It consists of a toilet paper tube with food on the end perched on the ledge of the counter with a bucket underneath.  I’ve even placed a rag in the bucket so it softens the fall.

But no takers so far.  No sign also though of any return visits.  So either he saw the trap got spooked and wa like “F this, I’m outta here.”  Which would work for all parties involved I think.  Or he’s playing mind games with me.  Laying low for a few nights, until I think he’s gone, I take the trap away and SHAZAM he’s back.

Thinking of the latter possibility got me reminiscing about my favorite cartoon as a boy:

Update I:  Speaking of Danger Mice (Mouses?) also gives me an excuse to link to one of my favorite albums.  [Explict Lyric Warning]:

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