Congrats Spain

Congratulaciones a Espana por su victoria en la Copa.

They beat Germany 1-0.  While it wasn’t the most captivating game to watch, it was near total dominance by the Spaniards (over my Germans).  They were amazingly fast and pin point precision passing.  Total team brilliance.

Hats off and congrats on your first win in 44 years in the European Cup.  Goat no mas.

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Cinderella Euro Cup

If you haven’t been watching the Euro Cup (you should be). I was this morning from the Vancouver Police Department while having my fingerprints taken. Uh, I wasn’t being arrested, I have to have it done to apply for my permanent residency (the Canadian equivalent of a green card). The Police station helpfully had the game on on nice sized TV screens in the lobby.

Well, anyway, the Turks are becoming the miracle comeback team. In the previous match against the favored Czechs they were down 2-0 while 15 minutes to go and amazingly scored three goals to win it. There was a really hot Czech woman in front of me in line (at the station also getting fingerprints for her residency application) who was lamenting that loss and cursing the Turks.

Today against the Croatians, (the quarterfinals) both teams end regulation scoreless. Croatians score within the first minute of overtime, Turkey looks dead (again) then comes back from the abyss, ties it up and wins in the shootout. Wow. Recap here. The Croatians missed 3/4 in the shootout. Yikes.

This video captures it well.

Next up though in the semis they’ve got my Germans.  Auf Wiedersehen Turkey.

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