Obama´s First Hundred Days

Interesting piece from Marc Ambinder.

At a fundraiser in Denver last night, Sen. Barack Obama signaled that he would use the grace period of his first 100 days in office to push through national health insurance plan. In general, a fresh administration is given some latitude to pursue a single domestic policy goal; think of George W. Bush and No Child Left Behind — although Democrats were a bit shell-shocked then.


NB: Other Obama 100 day priorities include a “signal to the world” on energy and climate change, and a review of every Bush executive order.

First off this is semi if not outright ludicrous.  In three months of taking power you are not going to get through health care, climate change, and executive orders.  Not with the absolute mess the bureaucracy will be at the end of the Bush days.  You think it´s crazy there now with everybody jumping ship and writing books that slam the Chief, wait til November, December.  It´s going to be the looney bin then.

Second, why can´t we go to the days when Congress actually initiated and started legislation and the Executive just either vetoed or signed and executed the law?  Why not have Obama signal basic principles he would like to see in a health care bill and then let the Congress deal with the specifics as it is Constitutionally mandated to do?  Note this would not be any different with McCain.  It´s a sign of how much that mentality has been lost that both parties adhere to the same MO though with different goals and policies in mind of course.  The Wyden-Bennett bipartisan health care plan would be the way to go in this manner imo.

But the point about restoring the executive branch to integrity starting with the Department of Justice, reviewing every Bush decision and overturning those that are unconstitutional would be extremely welcome on this end.

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