Best Self-Promotion Ever?

Courtesy Reihan and Ross discussing their new book Grand New Party on Bloggingheads.

The plug via this dingalink.

Best line:

“No one gets hurt. We are not glorifying violence by any means. This is very child appropriate….It’s like a choose you own adventure book.”

The whole diavlog here.

On a more serious note, they take seriously the idea of income inequality (maybe the first conservatives to do so as they explain), wage stagnation, and class stratification. They see the issue more in terms of inequality in terms of marriage patterns and call for a pro-family economic policy at the same time believing in a great deal of bottom up human transformative power rather than the creation (a la the left) of new bureaucracies and governmental regulation. Looking forward to reading it.

For some more of his Reihan’s stylings, below:

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