Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The League of Ordinary Gentlemen Launched (Link Fixed)


I have some excellent news.  As of today, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen drops.  With a vengeance sucka.  Hats off to Scott Payne for coming up with the idea and ED Kain for doing the yeoman’s work on setting up the site.  The Bowler logo is Freddie’s doing.

Link Here
Website (for Bookmarking) http://www.ordinary-gentlemen.com/

From our About Page:

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is a group blog that hopes to bring a new style and sensibility to blogging. The contributing writers hail from various points along the political spectrum, but all hold a deep and abiding commitment to the exploration of ideas outside the foray of rhetorical and ideological cul de sacs. The entries are less posts than they are dialogues with an aim towards sustained discussion on topics and issues that lay at the foundations of our lives. This approach, we hope, will provide readers with a thoughtful and searching alternative analysis.

On my side, I’m very excited and intrigued by this possibility of seeking a new praxis/way of group blogging.  When I started out this blog it was originally subtitled Integral Philosophy, Politics, and Christianity.  My Christianity blogging has migrated over to Credo @ Culture11.  My politics blogging will as of today be heading over to The League.  And this site will remain for Integral philosophy.

Our theme song (since there are Seven of us):

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