Romney in ’12?

If the pro-Romney faction of the McCain campaign is the one leaking (or making up?) the anti-Palin stories, which is quite possible, it may take down Palin, if she hasn’t taken herself out already (which I tend to think), it will be all for naught because Mitt Romney is not going to be president of the United States.

UNLESS.…and this is a huge unless.  Unless the economic situation turns depressionary and holds throughout Obama’s entire term and he totally f’s up.  Then Romney could run as Mr. Fix It.

Other than that scenario it’s Mitt Romney we’re talking about here.  Romney, however perfectly coiffed his full head of hair is, is cringe-inducing through the television.  This folks is the media age and the introverted, phony, East Coast Brahman Romeny can not pass the test.

Remember my mantra:  Reagan beat Mondale.  Clinton beat HW Bush and Dore.  W Bush beat Gore (the previously shackled introverted Gore btw) and Kerry.

He is just not comfortable in his skin around people.  And that makes others uncomfortable. If anyone needed a reminder as to exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about, uh….the following:

Of the current crew of Republicans, the charismatic, forward looking, optimistic, extraverted, able to talk freely about his personal life in a way that connects with people is Mike Huckabee.  Whatever else you (or I) think of his politics or his worldview.  He’s engaging and he can draw you in, make you feel like you are in conversation with him.  Mitt Romney—not so much.

We’ve had two introverted styles run against one another in ’88 (Bush Senior and Dukkakis).  We have not had two of the extroverted styles (arguably since Carter-Reagan, although Carter was still pretty stick in the mud).

What would be interesting is two of the more extraverted/media friendly candidates in a general election in ’12.  Then the election would actually be unpredictable.  Palin could have been that person in some fashion–she’s got the evangelical cred and background–but I think she has been far too damaged by her less than preparedness let’s say on the campaign trail.

Minus that scenario, say a Romney v. Obama in ’12 (minus the total meltdown scenario above), then Obama wins.

Obviously the who will run for the GOP in four years stuff is rank speculation of the highest order.  But it’s fun nonetheless.  But the forward looking charismatic emotional connector always beats the opposite.  Romney is in the latter column by a LONG SHOT.

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Mitt’s Speech

You can watch it here.

Oratorically, it is very good, even soaring at points.

Gov. Romney has been so robotic to date. He gets emotional and impassioned, which I liked. Nice to see not the polished flip-flopping pol, but his humanity. He goes through a list of what he admires of other groups (e.g. Catholics and the Mass, Pentecostals and their enthusiasm, Muslims and their devotion prayer); I thought that was very good.

Wished he have run as the “real” Mitt Romney. Could have been a very interesting candidate, instead of going on and on about “doubling Gitmo Bay.”

Content wise, he had the good smarts to follow the Meacham play book. That the American Gospel is liberty given by a Creator, freedom of multiple religious expressions in public (or none if one desires) and that what unites these divergent denominational and religious lines is a common “social gospel”: care for one another, social justice, kindness. (more…)

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