Musharraf to be Impeached?

Had to see this coming:

Pakistan’s ruling coalition announced plans Thursday to seek the impeachment of President Pervez Musharraf, alleging the U.S.-backed former general had “eroded the trust of the nation” during his eight years in power.

The new governing coalition is having trouble getting its act together.  It has not reinstated the deposed justices (deposed/arrested by Musharraf) a pledge they made during their campaign, they had an aborted and amateurish attempt to gain control over the ISI, and are taking serious heat from the US for their position on negotiating with Taliban in the Tribal Areas.

So the push for impeachment of Musharraf probably plays well domestically I suppose and has the potential of re-solidifying the already fracturing democratic coalition. But whether impeached or not, Musharraf is essentially powerless–he is no longer head of the military (that position belongs to Gen. Kiyani) and the civilian elected government is moving on its own terms (US visits, Taliban negotiations, etc.).