On Stupid Wackos

So a local group of Neo-Nazi wackos was apparently planning to kill Obama. Fortunately as with most of these scenarios calling these guys not smart is an insult to not smart people everywhere.

It’s the same basic thing with the mostly weak attempts at domestic terrorism of a self-professed Islamic variety in the US.  Namely marginal characters, not very bright folks.  Which is one of our great weapons in this battle–stupidity is our ally.

The left with its emphasis on rationality sees stupidity as the great evil to be undone–particularly through education.  More mythic-based sides of the right overestimate the efficacy of myths and therefore whenever they sense a looming/powerful non-ours myth rising they tend to over inflate and hype a threat, turning what is often a possibly dangerous situation into a multi headed beast of Satan.  The recent fear-mongering Obsession (which is making the rounds again for the election, which I have seen and commented on here).

Jeffrey Goldberg (not exactly a non-pro Israeli/Jewish kinda guy) refers to the makers of the film as Jewish extremists. I wasn’t aware of that background when I reviewed the movie.

The reason for this obsession about the Obsession (as it were) is in a Jungian sense a common resonance and a desire that dare not speak its name (usually) which is a deep wish to have the same level of mythic singularity of focus and large numbers among some Christians and Jews that they see in this (romanticized Islam).  As C.S. Lewis wisely said, “As soon as someone is made into an angel, then they can be made into demon” (paraphrasing).   Just so in the reverse I would say.

But if we get away from the myths of both fundamentalism and the myth of rationality/education, then we might have a more sober view that stupidity is indeed (at times) our great friend and hope in all this.  From the perspective again of domestic terrorism within North America.

With the  Neo-Nazis/Skinheads even more so. It’s better to know that they are just a bunch of inbred hillbillies in most cases nowadays. Not exactly the fearsome mobs of yore. But just some ignorant fools.  Most of the time of course–I don’t want to be dismissing what is a serious thing (guys planning to kill people based on their race), but they weren’t apparently far along (thankfully).  Nor that bright.

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