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Just saw Howard Finemann on Countdown and he discussed how Obama is bidding to change the structural way in which political campaigning/organizing is done and he listed the history from Andrew Jackson through FDR and then Reagan to today.

The thing Finemann discussed was that Obama volunteers go person to person and do not have to (as he said) route back through the central office.  Each has a great degree of autonomy.  Obama in other words is applying open-source methodolgy to US political campaiging.  The organization is adaptive in the specific meaning of biology and information systems theory:  the head office works very hard on creating what it calls the brand (image, message, stylistics, aesthetics) and then holds very tightly (almost maniacally) to that brand.  Experimenting occurs across the regional/local field offices as to how to best get that message out.  The entire system is nodally linked through the website and then each of the staff and volunteer groups can post on effective strategies which get immediate feedback (and cross-connections) throughout the entire network in real time as they say.

I think this is going to have a huge effect on the outcome on Tuesday.

A video of the Obama organization in the state of my birth (h/t E. Klein):

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What Debrazza Said

Guest posting on Jed Report.

Again whatever one’s view of Obama’s political agenda (left-center), this is true:

This is just another clear example of the Obama campaigns emphasis on strategy over tactics and governing over campaigning that has been the hallmark of this impressive campaign. Most importantly, it demonstrates in the clearest terms possible that Obama is not interested in winning just so he can govern from a defensive crouch.

Obama was always playing chess against his opponents (both in Dem primary and General) who have been playing checkers.  Mark Penn anyone?   Again regardless of whether that excites you or freaks you out, it’s clear he has strategic vision and wants to govern and not just win elections (the exact opposite in many respects of Bush and Rove).

The National Review/Hugh Hewitt Crowd actually gets this in a way lots on the left didn’t (or maybe still don’t) and it scares the hell out of them–probably with some good reason–in their world, it’s interpreted as the most liberal candidate ever/most radical left wing president but it’s at least becoming clear that he is not some airhead.  He means business.

This is not to say Obama and the Dems aren’t going to make a whole mess of decisions I disagree with or are going to be mistake-free.  All that is inevitable.  Whatever else is to be said or thought on the matter,  Obama has clearly studied the failures of the first years of the Clinton administration and appears determined not to repeat them. Debrazza’s post is about how Obama is already laying the groundwork to mock Fox News because he knows the opposition that is going to come against him when he takes power is going to be channeled through Fox and the question is whether the Fox/Drudge narrative will push the (so-called) MSM or not.  He is trying to sever the link between the two.

Since Obama’s positive comment on Reagan being a president who effected change in a more permanent manner (as opposed to Nixon or Bill Clinton recall), he made clear to those with ears to hear that he’s been thinking that the way in which to do that is not to play to the middle, but to move the middle in your direction.  That is the (legitimate–given their context and agenda) fear of the NRO & related crowd.  That he will be successful in doing so.

Update I:  I forgot another major piece which is the Ayers/ACORN/non-American/otherness/foreigner meme has not worked because the Economic Meltdown has overcome all that.  The economic meltdown is to McCain what some kind of foreign policy crisis would be to Obama.  I think we are heading into landslide territory.

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