Quote of the Day: Larison

Heh Indeed:

There is an idea circulating out there that the killer combo of Joe the Plumber and “spread the wealth” may save the election for McCain.  Now you might say that this just whistling past the graveyard, but that doesn’t do it credit.  This is really more like four-part harmony singing in a freshly-dug grave as the dirt is being piled on.

As Larison correctly notes, this isn’t that kind of year.  That they still this late in the game refuse to face the reality, means they are going down.

Bonus: For those of you who believe (perhaps falsely given the political circus) that the original context of statements has some bearing, then Ambinder here on the context of spread the wealth.  Short version:  Obama was responding to a question from Joe the Plumber about a flat tax.  Meaning Obama’s spread the wealth answer simply means he is upholding a progressive income tax.  Which is not exactly news.  Hardly the 2nd coming of Karl Marx.

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