All Hallow’s Eve

The veil it is said in the ancient traditions tonight, the veil between this world and the dead is thin.  It is at this time that it is an act of reverence and love to our ancestors to remember their lives.  Their joys, their sufferings, their loves, their hopes.  I believe they are with us still and look upon us with love and care.  And they deserve our recognition in return.

For Christians we especially remember today those of saintly disposition, those who have protected and defended and taught and lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ and made it to be that it has survived to our day, we their descendents give them the honor due their name and sacrifice.

It is a night of Hallowed-ness.  Sacrality and depth.

CJ As Nineteenth Century Anglican Parson

Click the link to see the photo of my costume from last night.

I’ve since shaved off the Ambrose Burnsides part of the muttonchops and am left with a wicked handlebar ‘stache. You heard rumors of this in one of my Skypecasts with Scott awhile back.  Now the photo evidence:

Also, fellow Anglican Kate Maltby points me to the Martin Luther rap (appropriate on Reformation Day Today).  Click the link to Kate and watch the video.

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