The Theo-Politics of Witchcraft

This video is getting some circulation now.  The Pastor in the video is a man by the name of Thomas Muthee.  He has an interesting record to say the least.  Read about it here from CSMonitor. Muthee believes very strongly in the existence of demonic spirits and fighting against them.  He prays over Palin that the evil of witchcraft be driven.

Steven Benen at Political Animal has some thoughts/questions on the matter.

He writes:

Just to clarify, the pastor’s interest in witches and witch hunts is not metaphorical — he means it literally.

To muddy the waters for a second, while I obviously know what Steve means here, his understanding/use of metaphorical is less helpful not more.  Northrop Frye understood that the metaphorical is the literal meaning of the Bible.  In other words, metaphor is concrete.  Benen is using language (according to Frye’s schema) in its third paradigmatic form: representational (think modern, scientific language/discourse).  Truth is what can be precisely represented, really described.  Therefore in this pattern, metaphorical means something more like symbolic or abstract.  When applied to say demons/evil it would be something like Ricoeur’s Symbolism of Evil or Wink’s The Powers.    (more…)

Skypecast: Religion-Politics (Audio Content)

I’m a little behind on posting this (I linked to it earlier), but here is the audio for the Skypecast (in two parts) between Scott and I on religion and politics, mostly in a US setting (though not exclusively so).



Links from the talk:

Norman O. Hatch: The Democratization of American Christianity
Stephen Prothero:Religious Literacy
Andrew Sullivan: The Conservative Soul
Democrats Must Learn Some Respect by Clive Crook
And the Winner Is… by Alan Wolfe

Intro and outro music Gold by Eyeamu, used with permission

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