Rupert Sheldrake


On Integral Naked with Ken Wilber this week. Great thinker. [Good Anglican Christian too!!! :)]  First month free.

They discuss Rupert’s theory of formative causation.  Sheldrake’s book A New Science of Life blew my mind when I read it 6 years ago.

Here’s a review by Rupert of Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell.


It soon becomes clear that Dennett knows very little about religion, apart from stereotypes about fanaticism and credulity. In this field he is an amateur, not an expert. He admits that his research for this book was hurried because of the “urgency of the message.” His study of religious experience seems to have been limited to discussions with some of his students at a Tufts University seminar in 2004, an unpublished questionnaire survey and “quite a few” interviews...

How can Dennett be so sure? In the end, it all comes down to his own beliefs. Bright memes have infected him and taken over his brain. Those memes are now trying to leap from his brain into yours through the medium of Breaking the Spell.

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