Update on Livni

From the Daily Telegraph Con Coughlin:

As foreign minister, she has followed closely the tortuous negotiation process led by the Europeans to persuade Iran to halt its uranium-enrichment programme, and has concluded that the Iranians are only interested in stringing out the process for as long as possible so that they can carry on with developing their nuclear programme.

She recently told an Israeli cabinet meeting: “The Iranians have no intention of halting their nuclear programme.” That will certainly not be the case if Mrs Livni, who is said to have previously worked for Israel’s Mossad intelligence service, becomes prime minister.

And if the Iranians have any sense, they should take note of the important changes taking place in Jerusalem.

The article makes some claims that seem er, telegraphed and overblown as to the development of Iran’s capabilities. [Coughlin is a neocon mouthpiece].  Nevertheless the reporting on Livni seems to gel with other reporting on the subject. 


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The Next PM of Israel?

Assuming it’ll be a three way race between her, Ehud Barak, and Bibi Netanyahu, I think she would have the inside track but who knows Israeli politics is in a weird way right now.

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