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I’ve been thinking a lot about this nomination and rewatching the videos of Palin’s interview. Honestly, it’s all made me tremendously sad. There are lot of us lefties who are guffawing right now and are happy to see Palin seemingly stumbling drunkenly from occasional interview to occasional interview. I may have been one of them. But I’m out of that group now.

The Palin pick was the most crassest, most bigoted decision that I’ve seen in national electoral politics, in my–admittedly short–lifetime. There can be no doubt that they picked Palin strictly as a stick to drum up the victimhood narrative–small town, hunters, big families and most importantly, women. Had Barack Obama picked Hillary Clinton, there simply is no way they would have picked Sarah Palin. To the McCain camp, Palin isn’t important as a politician, or even as a person. Her moose-hunting, her sprawling fam, her hockey momdom, her impending grandmother status are a symbol of some vague, possibly endangered American thing, one last chance to yell from the rafters “We wuz robbed.”

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The video is tough to watch.  It’s not that she is dumb per se; it’s just that she hasn’t ever be interested in national or foreign policy.  And why would she?  She has no reason to have been.  She runs a state socialist archipelago way out in the boonies.  She’s essentially a mayor of a decent sized city (approximate pop. of Alaska 670,000 total). Which is no shot at her.  I’m sure she knows her backyard well and how to deal with it.  But there is no way you can watch these interviews and say she is ready to be VP.

I’ve always thought the fire should be directed at McCain for the pure cynicism and egocentricism of the pick.  He’s destroying her career for a one week media mini-surge.  Not to mention what it has done to her family/personal life.  If the McCain folk had clearly done their homework and interviewed/vetted her properly, this would have been patently obvious (i.e. she’s not up to snuff).  They would not have been through the circus of hiding her from interviews–and seeing the Couric one it’s pretty clear why they are doing so…yikes–and getting called out as sexists.

Here is just a snippet of the interview (on Russia).  Like I said, it’s rough.  And I’m with Coates (contra say the Andrew Sullivan’s and Daily Kos’ of the world who seem to be getting some glee from all this)–this is just sad and painful to watch.

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