Less is More: The League and Blogging

Sorry for the lack of posting around here of late.  I promise to get back to it when I get some more time.  This week and next are really nutso, so no guarantees.  Moreover, I’m spending what precious little blogging time I have available now over at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.  I’m so enjoying the time spent on that project and we are starting quickly to get some intelligent (imo) readers and comments, threads, and the like.  Also I have noticed far less work and less stress around it given that it is a group not simply using a set blog to all be individual bloggers but actually work with each other, off each other’s thoughts.  It’s very heartening for me.

Also, some of you may have seen but Culture11 sadly died a too early death this week, so my blogging over at Credo has ceased.  The site is still up and you check the archives but there will be no more new posting there.

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