Skypecast: Obama’s Speech (Audio Content)

[Photo of Invesco Field prior to Obama’s Acceptance Speech via Flickr user ohad courtesy Creative Commons License.]

To listen to the Skypecast, Click HereObamaSpeech

I apologize for the sound quality on my end. Don’t know what happened with that.  We recorded this one right after recording the other one which sounded very good????

Speaking of the earlier skypecast, we do cover some of the same/related themes as in our early discussion of Obamanomics.

Music intro and outro “Gold” by Eyeamu used with permission [Scott’s brother’s band].

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The Speech (Text and Video)
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Addendum I:  I have as of this evening (we recorded this afternoon) shaved off the handle bar mustache.  [You have to listen to get the front end of that joke].

Skypecast: Obamanomics (Audio Content)

Click here for Skypecast: Obamanomics

Highlights of this episode include: discussion of Obama’s economic policy, announcement of an engagement by one of us, and predictions about the Republican VP Nominee.

Relevant Links:

David Leonardt piece in NyTimes. Central article we discuss. Highly recommended.

Audio of Gov. Sarah Palin and Transcript of Relevant Section in an interview that will likely break through the news cycle next week perhaps.

Addendum I: I should have mentioned that another enormous reason for the Bush recession/budgetary deficit was a certain very expensive war in the Middle East.

Tina Fey for VP?

I report, you decide.


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McCain 4.0 Updated with Palin Speech Live Thread

Dick Morris must have gotten the talking points early because last night’s post from him clearly signaled the new (old?) McCain: the reformer/maverick. The most obvious manifestation of the new track is the VP Choice, AK Gov. Sarah Palin.

Morris’ premise is that the Dems have spent their old convention bashing Bush and not McCain (read Obama’s or Biden’s speech Morris?). McCain is not Bush (so goes DM) hence they failed in their primary attack.

Here is Morris’ list of McCain’s difference from Bush:

• McCain fought for campaign finance reform — McCain-Feingold — that Bush fought and ultimately signed because he had no choice.

• McCain led the battle to restrict interrogation techniques of terror suspects and to ban torture.

• McCain went with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) on a tough measure to curb climate change, something Bush denies is going on.

• McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts when they passed.

• McCain urged the Iraq surge, a posture Bush rejected for years before conceding its wisdom.

• McCain favors FDA regulation of tobacco and sponsored legislation to that effect, a position all but a handful of Republican Senators oppose.

• McCain’s energy bill, also with Lieberman, is a virtual blueprint for energy independence and development of alternate sources.

• After the Enron scandal, McCain introduced sweeping reforms in corporate governance and legislation to guarantee pensions and prohibit golden parachutes for executives. Bush opposed McCain’s changes and the watered-down Sarbanes-Oxley bill eventuated.

• McCain has been harshly critical of congressional overspending, particularly of budgetary earmarks, a position Bush only lately adopted (after the Democrats took over Congress).

You will quickly notice a pattern–almost all of those are the McCain of 1999-2003. Not the McCain of 2004-Present.

McCain has abandoned his own stance on Campaign Finance Reform and Immigration Reform. He voted against his own Climate Change Bill. He originally yes did vote against Bush tax cuts but now supports them and wants to add even more tax cuts during a war for the rich. He voted against the application of the Army Field Manual to the CIA (leaving open torture options).

Morris of course knows these things. So unless McCain is flipping back to the early 90s McCain 2.0 then these counter defense seems patently stupid. The only issues on which McCain has clearly broken with Bush is MORE BELLIGERENCE vis a vis Russia, Iraq, and Iran. Not particularly appealing to independent voters.

But to the degree McCain has any chance, I guess this is it. He could only ever win under the image of being a maverick and has to hope he can keep his rightward base only through red meat/anonymous smears to fear Obama. With the Palin pick however he has totally undercut his own message about Obama’s unreadiness for office.

I’m watching McCain’s event from Dayton OH (an hour from where I grew btw) and they just ran what I think is a new ad which said, “Don’t Hope for Change, Vote for It.” It didn’t hit Obama on being inexperienced but simply not the guy to bring change.

It is a change election and McCain now is on that turf. No more celebrities–still references to how he puts country first–but this is dangerous waters for McCain. Especially come the Republican Convention. But it’s as smart of politics as McCain can play.

Update I: I’m watching Palin speak. It’s an interesting pairing with McCain to say the least. It’s good on first appearance, but I’m not sure how it will wear. She’s not starting off very strong in her speech. There is going to be a super steep learning curve for her. She’s cute as a button and has a son enlisted in the army and is heading to Iraq. 3/4 of Prez and Vice Prez picks have children in Iraq.

Her children have super whitey white names like Piper, Trig, Willow. She’s clearly a sweet person, but man she is as she says, a “hockey mom.”

Update II: She’s talking about her anti-corruption stance, she’s getting stronger and clearer. She now sounds like Obama talking about taking on the lobbyists and oil companies plus her work bringing Republicans and Democrats. The crowd clearly digs her. But she’s only got a few weeks to bone up because she is to me not anywhere near ready. She’s not a horribly bad speaker. Better obviously than McCain (though that’s not saying much). She’s not really that good either. She’s had some flashes of real strength, so I bet she’s a quick study. She probably improves.

Update III: She just called him, “Sen. John S. McCain”. That was weird. Why the S?

Wait a sec….(Double) POW Alert from Palin. This pick helps with the “I don’t know how many houses I own” issue. She is clearly not Richie Rich Romney.

Update IV: Oh yeah, she is giving shout out to Ferraro AND Clinton. Really going for those PUMA votes. Although she just made a strong call that by electing McCain you break the glass ceiling that Hillary dented. [Except Hillary was referring to the Presidential Role not VP, so unless she is banking on John going to God I’m not sure that works technically but is probably effective nonetheless].


Looks like Mickey Kaus could yet be proved right and Mike Murphy could come back on board the Straight Talk Express. It’s much better to see the relaxed, freewheeling not angry, grouchy McCain.

I think the Crowd just chanted, “Yes We Can.” WTF?

She botched up the ending. That’s alright. I’d give her a B.

The Music is better than Obama’s.

Update V: Uh oh, guess we will be hearing about how she opposes abortion in all cases including rape.  The only exception being danger to life of the mother.  Also she wants to teach creationism in public schools.  Jed Report has the details.  (h/t WashingtonMonthly).

So I see the logic now.  She has legitimate reformer credentials plus staunch hard right credentials particularly among the social con crowd, and then McCain tries to win on his supposed mavericky qualities plus war hero/tough dude.

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An Alternate Take Re: Obama’s Speech

From the bizarro world courtesy the oft wack Victor Davis Hanson (my emphasis):

The convention’s final workmanlike message: The country is wrecked. Our freedoms are lost. Our soldiers are victims, not triumphant heroes.

Here is the full text of Obama’s speech from this evening. I have taken the liberty of quoting the passages directly referring to soldiers/veterans–see if you can spot the “soldiers are victims” theme. I will highlight where appropriate/necessary the specifically relevant piece:

Because for two hundred and thirty two years, at each moment when that promise was in jeopardy, ordinary men and women – students and soldiers, farmers and teachers, nurses and janitors — found the courage to keep it alive.

Much more after jump: (more…)

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Obama Speech Thread

7:12. And he’s off (er out)….sorta weird not to have a rousing “THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” Intro, no?

7:15. There it is the first African American (or non-white minority period) accepting the nomination of a major party for the Presidency of the United States.

7:17. The Obama kids could not be more adorable.

7:21. The “ENOUGH!!!” Line was very preacher-esque. Very good. “Eight is Enough” has a kinda Jesse Jackson ring to it.

7:22 Think the Republicans will be as respectful to Obama as the Dems have been to McCain?

7:23. He’s very calm and subdued. Interesting line about not be willing to take a 10% chance on change. Clear but not soaring.

7:24. The nation of whiners line from Graham was such a killer. Ohhhh snap. There it was. He said McCain does not not care about people he just doesn’t know. That will be the line of attack from now on til Election Day.

7:29. This is the elitist? The celebrity? He’s earnest, intelligent, and comes from a very ordinary (non-super elite background).

7:30. He just smacked McCain a good one by directly going after the celebrity theme.

7:33. Into the nuts and bolts of his policies. Tax cuts for majority of Americans. Call to move to renewables. Obviously the clean coal, nuclear, and ethanol stuff is pure boondoggle, but overall this is a vision. You will not see anything forward looking from the Republicans.

7:36. Whoa. He just threw down the gauntlet against the insurance industry.

7:39. My inner wonk digs the “we can not meet the 21st century challenges with a 20th century bureaucracy.”

7:42. Oh S__T. He just called out McCain’s manhood on Osama. McCain promised he would go to the gates of hell to get bin Laden–to which Obama responds, “He won’t even go to the Cave where is.” I’m liking this, he’s hitting McCain for thinking 20th century Cold War style in foreign policy. Continued theme of “doesn’t get it”.

7:43. This is a great rift. The Republicans are all talk/no action on FP. He is going straight after the long years of “Democrats Can’t Defend This Country” Meme from the Right. This is extremely effective.

7:46. There was a little take off “answering the call for freedom, hoping for peace…”

7:47. Did I mention that McCain can’t give a speech to save his life?

7:48. Obama is the adult against McCain who has more and more appeared petulant, adolescent, and unserious.

7:49. He’s tying common purpose to overcoming the cultural wedge issues: abortion, guns, gay rights, immigration. [The immigration piece got no love really, the rest was well received]. Third way motif.

7:50. “You make a big election about small things”. And small people and small thinking clearly implied. Here he goes about on the fear card that has been used against him.

7:51. He’s really in the groove now. The Republicans should be watching this scared out of their ever living mind. No more critiques of him being thin on details, all rhetoric. Or that he can’t attack.

7:54. This is to put it mildly, really really really good.

7:57. The ending wasn’t totally perfect. But it was still an incredible speech. He’s the real deal.

Pre-Obama Dem Convention Thread

5:00 [PST]: Somebody next time don’t have Sheryl Crow sing a song about “Get outta of Our Head and Into Our Heart.” What’s the tag line on that one: “Vote Democrat–We’re Nice but Soooooo Dumb!!”

5:48 [PST}: Al Gore is talking smack! With his ho-ho laugh. Quite cute in a sorta weird way. He just said that McCain is all of Bush’s policies and he says, “I’m all for recycling, but that’s just stupid.” Now he’s in full on eco-apocalyptic mood. Solid!

6:03: Michael McDonald now, know my opinion on that, so I’m yamo gonna youtube it now, with Impressionist Week on David Letterman.

The premo section is about 4:00 in (although the early O’Toole impersonation is quite good as well):

Or this classic:

6:15 Susan Eisenhower. As a quasi-Obamacon, I like this. She’s not a particularly great speaker, but I’m a nerd who actually really dug Jim Leach’s talk the other night.

6:16 Wes Clark in the house. Thank God they gotta over their little tiff. Readers will know I supported Clark in ’04. So that’s good. I wish he would have got a larger speaking role, especially last night (Nat’l Security night).

6:18 What a sec–Was that dude’s name Lloyd Fig-Newton?

6:41. I gotta ruling on Fig Newton. I did hear rightly. Gen. Lloyd “Fig” Newton. Here is the General’s bio. Dude was in the Thunderbirds. I guess you can get away with being called Fig Newton and not have your manhood questioned when you (from the bio) flew 269 combat missions from Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam, including 79 missions over North Vietnam.”

For the kids at home, not these Thunderbirds:

These ones:

6:45 They are now blaring Born in the USA. Interesting choice, given it was co-opted by Reagan but also the lyrics are more blue collar Dem. But we just heard, “sent off to Vietnam to go and kill the yellow man.” Given McCain’s history with the VietCong this is strange on multiple levels.

Obama is going to be up very soon. Durbin is going to introduce him. The crowd seems to me fairly mellow, no real knock your socks off speeches yet.

7:03 They are playing the intro video. Nice voice over from one of my fav actors David Straithairn from Good Night and Good Luck (among many others).

7:09. Interesting question from Amy Sullivan at Time:

There are a lot of upsides to excitement and enthusiasm. But we’ll find out if the convention’s two conflicting messages–the country is going down the tubes! the country has never had such hope and possibility and thirst for progress!–are less effective than the “be afraid, be very afraid.”

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Doobie in Denver

Looking over today’s listing, I see Michael McDonald is up for a performance.

Which only brings to mind Paul Rudd in Forty Year Old Virgin (if anyone finds the youtube for this, lemme know and I’ll post it–I was unsuccessful):

“Nothin’ against him, but If I have to hear ‘Yah Mo B There’ one more time, I’m going to ‘Yah Mo’ burn this place to the ground!”

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Time Interview with McCain

Is a thing to behold. It’s more cringe-inducing through the screen than the original episodes of The Office (original British version).

It’s not just that the quasi-moderate McCain of 2003 has been totally morphed into hard line right McCain of ’07/08, but the freewheeling Straight Talker has become the Bug Up His Backside crotchety dude he is now, robotically relaying the talking points given to him by the handlers.

And then this answer defending his Iraq War position:

I can only imagine what Saddam Hussein would be doing with the wealth he would acquire with oil at $110 and $120 a barrel.

Newsflash to the Senator: One of the biggest if not the single biggest reasons oil is at $110/$120 barrel is uh because of the INVASION OF IRAQ. Now not all of it is due to that of course (supply outstripping demand) but clearly it’s a good chunk of it. This economist argues the War alone has tripled the cost of oil.

It is just a reminder of how god-awful a candidate he is and how frightening a possible president he would be.

To be fair to McCain for a second, some of Time’s questions are beyond asinine, some very uncool–like the last one about his sons in battle. Props to McCain for not answering that one.

But given the Straight Talk Express has become the Straight Talking Point Express, his ludicrously over-serious “I put my country first” line, etc. he deserves some dumb questions.

Breaking: I got some behind the scenes footage of the McCain campaign:

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