Announcing New Integral Blog: Beams and Struts

I’m as of now placing all of my integral writing on the new group site Beams and Struts:  An Integral Inquiry Into The Post-Postmodern Age.

It is a joint venture between (as of now) 7 of us applying integral insights to different domains of human experience and enterprise.  The site consists of essays as well as our blog.  I’m the religion editor of the blog.

We are still in the early phases of this project, but I’m very excited by its potential to add depth and breadth to the integral worldview.

Check us out:

Comments are appreciated, but please leave them at the Beams and Struts site and not here as I won’t be updating this site any longer.

For Facebookers, we have a fan page (Beams and Struts).   That’s a great venue for interaction.

Also check out what we call our Deep Twitter feed:

PS Both Scott Payne (the politics editor at Beams and Struts) and I continue to write at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

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